Jon Stewart slams Jim Cramer

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22 Responses to Jon Stewart slams Jim Cramer

  1. Locutus D'Borg says:

    lets share

    What is ironic is that when he told his audience to sell all their stocks
    during the crash, that was the time to be buying stocks, at a great
    bargain. Buy low sell high. But he panicked during the crash (which
    professionals should not do) and is now twisting that call to make himself
    look good when he cost his audience a fortune.

  2. N Charles says:


    LOLOLOLOLOL….. Why is Jim still given trading advice??? OMG lolololol.

  3. Not8upwthit says:


    Cramer is little more than a government shill and he’s satisfied with this
    role. He has his little TV slot and goes around pretending he looks out for
    the common investors of the country. What an **** clown he really is,
    doesn’t have the balls to just say he was wrong. I never trust people with
    that trait…ever

  4. Arts Veiman says:


    You may be delivering the news in a clown suit, but any time you present
    the facts as they are, thats serious journalism.

  5. BoydN Bryant says:

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    In regard to Israel stealing land that is a lie strait from the pit of hell

  6. Realty Associates says:


    How does jim this scumbag still have a job? He’s such a scumbag. Do you all
    remember when he talked about how the market’s manipulated by equity firms
    and how his hedgefund did it all the time.

  7. bdk316 says:


    why hasn’t cramer been put under investigation for market manipulation?

  8. says:


    Cramer is a freak. Totally on Cocain or ***** or something

  9. Blake Adams says:


    No one can do an investigation into Cramer’s holdings of Bear Stearn at the
    time. Guys, there’s a strong chance Jim Cramer was helping himself or
    people close to him find a home for their soon-to-tank Bear Stearns stock.
    He knew the backlash to his show was small compared to what he had at stake
    financially or relationship-wise on the backend. The moral of the story:
    he’s a market manipulator, and you’re foolish if you follow anyone’s advice
    without understanding why they’re giving it. Stewart has another segment
    where he confronts Cramer on this very issue: playing an educational video
    where Cramer discusses how he created hype to drive markets for his own
    benefit as a hedge fund manager.

  10. Daniel Xu says:


    a CNN host showing a clip of the Daily Show host making fun of a CNBC

  11. Sal Monella says:


    @3:58- just look at his face LMFAO
    He’s thinking to himself how embarrassed he’s about to feel on live TV &
    has the “deer in headlights” look. 

  12. nlsec03 says:



  13. TymeTwyster Last says:

    market future

    Cramer is an unfortunately product of one of the worst mentalities ever
    birthed by humanity: the concept of perception of strength being more
    important than admittance of a weakness.

    People (especially in mob mentalities) seem to find blind comfort in people
    who convey a sense of authority and conviction. Now whether that
    conviction is even remotely justified and is nothing more than a facade for
    a complete fool seems irrelevant to most as long as the illusion isn’t
    revealed, and frankly I think that thinking is going to get us all killed
    one day.

    Take America’s last two presidents. Bush was one of the single most
    incompetent people ever to sit in the oval office, he committed more abuses
    of power than any president or since (96 separate instances in total, Obama
    has had 3 potential instances and the average for U.S. Presidents is 1-2
    per term), and he and his GOP dominated Congress screwed over the U.S.
    economy so badly that at the time of his departure in 2008 most economists
    predicted 10+ unemployment for the U.S. through 2018.

    But he was very confident in his actions, and never waivered…even when he
    knew his actions required immediate reversals to avoid dire
    consequences…and lots of U.S. Citizens apparently loved him for that.

    Comparitively Obama has been a measured and largely reactionary President,
    pushing few parts of his main agenda through (largely because the GOP
    decided to shut Congress down because they didn’t like not having power),
    and spent most of his time fixing the previous administration’s mistakes
    (mistakes that could NOT be fixed in 2-3 years as some deluded lunatics
    seem to believe), and since the U.S. Population were convinced that a
    recession didn’t necessitate tax increases (even though almost every U.S.
    President in history did so including the golden boy of the Conservative
    movement Ronald Reagan (8 times)) he’s been forced to use the only other
    tool left to the government – expenditure on debt.

    And he’s done so with a generally meek and humble attitude. Which
    apparently means he’s weak and incompetent.

    This mentality has to die, or frankly our species will.

  14. Wojciech Tolsdorf says:


    I love how people go “oh a comedian, a comedian is attacking me”. Well – it
    takes a lot to be a successful comedian, it’s much harder than what you do
    and when you’re up against Jon Stewart, you are fucking with the best of
    the best. Not only he will destroy you intellectually and verbally, but
    will also make everyone else laugh to tears at your stupidity.

  15. Antonin Gajtani says:

    Just For Kids

    Sell everything at the bottom. October 6, 2008 was the very bottom of the
    stock market. Nice call.

  16. metoostick says:

    earnings date

    too bad Bear CEO was playing bridge when it collapsed and was completely
    incommunicado. apparently kramer doesn’t know James Cayne or plays bridge.
    kramer should have admitted he made a mistake, if he knows any of these
    douche bags he had to have a clue.

  17. Addicti0nz1 says:


    anyone who isn’t retarded should know u don’t invest into stocks with money
    you cant afford to lose. doesn’t matter who says what.

  18. Scarlet Fowler says:

    70s Rock

    this guy seems not too good in the head..or is that just me?

  19. grimrabbi says:

    New Site

    Every time Stuart destroys anybody who thinks they’re smart..their only
    comeback is “hes a comedian!” Lol..hes just smarter than you
    with it

  20. Vik Dylan says:

    New Site

    This is, indeed, one of Cramer’s major blunders. No question, his greatest

  21. whatdidulearn says:

    updated proxy

    Stop losses.

  22. Shawn Smith says:


    It’s a shame Cramer ***** so much at this. The people who know him say he’s
    a really smart guy who never seems to sleep. He just happens to buy stocks
    for no reason. It doesn’t matter what book value is, it doesn’t matter what
    PE is, it doesn’t matter if a company’s business model makes sense, it
    doesn’t matter if interest rates are rising.

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