Jim Cramer on Smart Investing | “Glenn Beck Program”

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Glenn talks to CNBC’s Jim Cramer about smart investments. Watch full episodes of the Glenn Beck Program on demand with a subscription to TheBlaze TV: http://…


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11 Responses to Jim Cramer on Smart Investing | “Glenn Beck Program”

  1. justin butler says:

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    ironic. “smart investing”, but on Glen Becks show…. HAHAAAHAAHA!

  2. Stefan Poulin says:

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    Cramer should focus more on how to stop helping people lose money lol

  3. Greg Jones says:

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    cramer should have had a cameo in wolf on wall street

  4. Jim Profit says:


    Wow… looks like dumb and dumber 3 is going to be really funny.

  5. HealthyMealthy says:


    The fear of inflation is legit, but to an extent. When I hear Glenn say the
    stock market value isn’t real — I think “I hope people take this with a
    grain of salt”, because stocks will always be the a big source of
    supplemental income.

  6. TheSunergizer says:

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    Jim Cramer missed it again. The next big boom is AQUAPONICS!!!!

  7. TOC359 says:


    Glenn, Jim Cramer is a CLOWN. I can’t believe you go to this CLOWN for
    financial advice. Why can’t you bring Peter Schiff back on or somebody
    that actually knows what he’s talking about!!

  8. Leo Bell says:

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    Yeah because investing in flammable drinking water that poisons you is a
    great investment!

  9. Mary Parasiliti says:


    Fracking ruined my sister’s well. It is also ruining the foundations of
    their homes. Exxon says fracking is safe, then the CEO of Exxon goes to
    court and stops them from fraking anywhere near his 100 acre ranch.

  10. maggie1715 says:


    Things we don’t think about in the way an economist does. wow.

  11. Phil Gramm says:


    Jim Cramer is a true ******* Jew that displays all of his Jewwwishness for
    the world to see. Lmao

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