Jim Cramer and Stephanie Link Tell Investors How to ‘Get Rich Carefully’

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TheStreet’s Action Alerts PLUS Co-Porfolio Managers Jim Cramer and Stephanie Link sit down at New York’s 92nd Street Y to discuss Cramer’s new book ‘Get Rich…


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12 Responses to Jim Cramer and Stephanie Link Tell Investors How to ‘Get Rich Carefully’

  1. Vik Dylan says:

    New Site

    Jim Cramer is a good guy. He’s got a good heart. He’s just a good person
    in my personal opinion. Stephanie Link is a good person as well, for that
    matter. If there is anyone that disagrees, then you need your head checked
    or you need a pair of glasses. It’s clearly visible. Cramer’s a sound
    investor and looks at specific stock fundamentals and earnings and future
    earnings. He’s pragmatic and doesn’t like to get into risky nonsense,
    though he has been more open to beta the past couple of years and has given
    excellent recommendations regarding a wide variety of social media stocks
    and, in particular, biotech stocks. To be honest, there have been NUMEROUS
    times where he’s said precisely what I was thinking or had thought prior.
    Cramer was raised right, he raises his kids right, he’s without a doubt a
    good husband, father and son. He cares about his family, and he lives a
    rather modest life given his financial success. I, and others, expect a
    lot out of him for this reason. He’s someone that has succeeded in every
    single thing he’s ever done in his life. He’s not a jack of all trades and
    a master of none like others. He’s a master of all trades. Period.
    That’s how intelligent and able he is. He’s on another level. He’d run
    circles around people like me or anyone else if he had to do it all over
    again. That’s the truth, whether people like it or not. I just want him
    to bring genuine common man analysis and perspectives to his work, rather
    than continually contribute to the same jargon, thereby selling himself
    short. He’s far more capable than anyone else at CNBC. Nobody really
    compares to him on the network. He’s in a league of his own. He’s better
    than a guy that peddles books in a dismal economy. He does good work and
    his shows are entertaining and nobody I know of on Wall Street can really
    do what he does (helping American investors of all age groups and
    demographics), and do it with an enthusiastic smile on his face. He goes
    to colleges and does shows all over the place to encourage Americans to get
    involved in stocks. Whether that is inevitably good, bad, smart or dumb,
    from his perspective he’s doing a good service. The energy it must take is
    hard to imagine. The guy is a workaholic because that is what makes him
    happy. On top of this, he enjoys life. You can’t knock someone that
    excels at everything. You must tip your hat to the guy. I just wish he
    wasn’t so ignorant. Love him or **** him, we’ll be lucky to have his
    energy at his age. Everyone’s entitled to their own independent opinion
    — I’m just telling it like it is because everything I said is true.

  2. whereismybailouttv says:

    local radiology

    Has Cramer ever been investigated for insider trading?

  3. Chris Sanders says:


    You freakin busted condom. I see you on tv hero worshiping these freakin
    corporate crooks. Try rubbing oil on that dick,on your shoulders. *** hole.

  4. MrRetroville says:

    Car Value

    Try mutual funds. Companies like American Funds have consistently beaten
    their peers with lower risk. Almost all of their stock funds have double
    digit returns with lower volatility than the market. The average investor
    average about 3.5% because they react emotionally to the ups and downs of
    the market. The S&P 500 has produced returns of about 10% since it was
    defined. American Funds, T Rowe Price, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton etc.
    all have excellent funds with great fund managers that have far more
    information than the average consumer could know. The average consumer
    doesn’t have that information. They work outside the industry. Do you
    really think you can do better than the masters that pick and choose stocks
    and bonds for a living? This is all they do, day in and day out. 99% of the
    public can’t beat them and that doesn’t mean their dumb. It’s just that
    they don’t have the information that the mutual fund managers have. If you
    try to do it yourself, good luck. But history is not on your side. 

  5. Senatar Phatdad says:

    is it safe


  6. TheHappyangel8 says:

    70s Rock

    Thank you!!! Very informative… Please more lengthy conversations like
    this one. 

  7. Dividendstock fish says:


    Good discussion

  8. Milos Djusic says:

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    are you unaware of all this Let me tell awesome platform its panxcash the

  9. Alan Greenspan says:

    New forex

    peddling fiction books. lmao. is this parasite supposed to be the next
    jackie collins but for old jewish retirees in Tampa?

  10. gsab says:


    Highly recommended. Very Awesome information. I wonder why thumbs down?
    should comment on here and tell us your opinion.

  11. Phil Gramm says:

    New Site

    Aren’t these two jackasses simply cheerleaders for the Jewish bankers that
    bankrupted the US over the past 100 years? This is just pathetic
    self-promotion of a book that supposedly “democratizes” the stock market
    that is fundamentally created and rigged to consolidate the world’s wealth
    in the hands of a few plutocratic Jewish mental cases.

  12. Vik Dylan says:


    Wow, two of the biggest morons and cheerleaders on Wall Street on a single
    stage. Impressive… God bless the slow death of America, and the
    foreboding onslaught of European communism in America for the next 30
    years. The Jewbag babyboomers are the cancer of America and only the
    latest in the long line of commie Jewish nation destroyers that the world
    has seen.

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