Carl Ichan VS Bill Ackman – Billionaire Smackdown

ampedin asked:

Carl Ichan VS Bill Ackman Billionaire Smackdown Two Wall Street Titans Battle it out!


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25 Responses to Carl Ichan VS Bill Ackman – Billionaire Smackdown

  1. TheTomtah says:

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    Wow I bet Ackman lost a lot of money on herbalife, it’s been up a lot the
    last year. Carl Icahn is still an *******.

  2. Stas Veklenko says:

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    Icahn seems like a piece of ****.

  3. E Fayerman says:


    Carl Icahn is not long. Herbalife is going to hell.

  4. ecoroyalty says:

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    Did Carl just throw a tantrum? … Is that what a “Titan” would do?

  5. Tshepo Tshotetsi says:

    Just For Kids

    Carl Icahn is the type of guy to spill a drink on you and say that its your

  6. Mandalarava says:

    Just For Kids

    Icahn in this vid really seems to purposely call in just to throw insults
    on Ackman, it doesn’t seem like business at all ,he just act like a
    very angry oldman.

  7. Andrew Mills says:

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    Carl said hes willing to swear on the bible.

  8. StillWater says:

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    Icahn rocks…he’s the real deal :-)

  9. nirbhay121 says:



  10. Serious Gamers says:

    All In Ones

    hahahahah a serious smackdown. seriousgamers!

  11. Halo2LivesForever says:

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    Ackman was forced out of shorts for a loss. Pretty funny stuff.

    A real pyramid scheme is one that simply shuffles money around. Herbalife
    has actual products there it’s impossible it can be a pyramid scheme.
    Revenues come from customers demand for products as is the same with any
    retail company…

  12. Halo2LivesForever says:

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    Ackmans a dumbass.

  13. Tehfmin says:

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    Wow. Ichan is unbelievable. Showing himself to be irrational and a bully
    himself. Near the end Ackeman says- 26:21 -“and he [Ichan] made a great
    trade.Congratulations on a good trade…”. Ichan thanks Ackman for calling
    him a “great investor” but claims he can’t cay the same for Ackman… Not
    even close to what Ackman said. Ichan hears what he wants to hear, the rest
    of the time he’s yelling nonsense

  14. Jamal Barksdale says:


    I cant wait until I can say, I didn’t make that much money, I only made 4

  15. RPete100 says:

    outlaw biker clubs

    Vik, that’s the short squeeze of all short squeezes.

  16. hofifut says:

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    Frankly, it’d be more interesting if billionaires would physically throw
    punches, and if poor people talk smack. Everything else is

  17. toppgunn2232 says:

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    fuck these two guys i thought they were going to come to blows.if someone
    robs me im going to and have cracked heads classic example of two very rich

  18. hujingtao007 says:

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    Ichan like like a motherfucker asshole

  19. jetliigor says:

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    I’d have to say Bill won this fight. He always stayed calm and collective
    while speaking about his mind. Carl would raise his voice when something he
    didn’t like was said by Ackman, he’d get defensive with Scott Wapner, he
    was cursing on air, he had to pause a lot of times to think of what to say.
    I remember watching this live, it was awesome.

  20. GjoniClan says:

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  21. freeman8201 says:


    “schmuck insurance” funny.

  22. ThePt8 says:

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    i’m really confused…. so basically did Icahn short herbalife earlier this
    year or last year!!??? anybody kind enough to answer me????

  23. Arcturistheballer says:


    honestly, this is such a reasonable debate. Imagine if our politicians
    could debate like this? dislike each other but totally respectful of the
    other guys time, rationally talking about the ideas.

  24. jvedanth says:

    That Old Thig

    Fuck Carl Ichan…it is nothing but personal….

  25. PurpleLilyth says:

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    well the way I see it, is that dishonest people cannot retain their
    composure, they flip out, they cuss, they are rude. Only time will tell
    what will happen to Herbalife. And, THAT is my only concern.

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