Carl Ichan and the Federal Reserve Problem

AltInvestorshangout asked:

I discuss the twisted nature of Carl Ichan and how he thinks that buying back shares “helps our economy”. Maybe it helps him out, but not the middle class on…

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2 Responses to Carl Ichan and the Federal Reserve Problem

  1. noodlesdoctor says:


    A lot of the S&P 500 have been buying back their own stock, which gives the
    illusion of better P.E. ratios and higher stock prices. This is a short
    term, one off mirage , but actually nothing is priced correctly. It’s all a
    grand illusion that cannot be sustained. 

  2. bonds88 says:

    3 Score

    Sure Carl you want the buyback to help the economy because you are such a
    good samaritan… how dare anyone think you would want one to pad your
    pocket book

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