Behind Pete’s Pony Tail

Exit50 asked:

Recently I went to NYC to cover the Value Rich show and broke away to head on down to CNBC’s Fast Money Show in Times Square. Pete Najarian used to come on t…

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15 Responses to Behind Pete’s Pony Tail

  1. MrSpoonee says:


    Couple of thoughts here.. One there is no explanation why he has the
    ridiculous ponytail. Two, this video should have been 4 minutes long with
    an extra minute of the robot dancing. Maybe another few seconds of the
    random lady talking on the phone as well.

  2. Mike Nelson says:

    New Site

    whats with the coolio 1234 sumthin new?!

  3. harrisoncz7 says:

    New Site

    I love Guy

  4. stshell says:

    Daylight Savings

    this was cool. thx for vid man

  5. RabidDingo34 says:

    my pad

    Whatever! If you had watched all episodes of Season 4, then you would be
    feeling that Randal made the right call. Rebecca did nothing stellar as to
    even deserve to be in the F2, let alone be given a job by Trump!
    Furthermore, Trump had no right to put Randal in that position to begin
    with because there can be only one Apprentice. Rebecca wasn’t only boring,
    she was an elitist snob.

  6. krazykrush says:

    Life Insurance

    I didn’t know Pete has a ponytail!!! What a sav!!

  7. BBCcashville says:

    u pull

    I love the lone wolf…. he said **** nOOO..lool

  8. harrisoncz7 says:


    this is like none other..I love it. Go Dan Fitz.

  9. Exit50 says:

    New Site

    Trump is a wanker

  10. cheddardawg says:

    Life Insurance

    but what is the STORY behind that ridiculous thing on the back of the
    najarian bros neck? did they lose a bet? is this some samson thing? i
    really like both of them, but those rat tails are hilarious!

  11. harrisoncz7 says:


    Pete’s the man…on the CREE 30 calls!! Love hiM!

  12. youngguus says:


    Jeff mackie is the best….. We love you FM guys…. keep it up

  13. James Leong says:

    half price auto

    rebecca shoulda gotten the job arghghg randall that selfish *** he had an
    option and he did not wanna hire her when trump gave him the option. dosent
    that just make you go from loving to hating him?

  14. evanderbaron says:


    Rebaka Jarvis is from the Trump thing is that why people seem so dismissive
    of that lady

  15. BrenttheGreat says:

    Cellular Discount

    Guy Adami is my favorite of the Fast Money guys.

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